Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Private Mail Account CIA Director Hacked Through Social Engineering

A teenager with two others claiming the private mail account of CIA Director John Brennan to have hacked this social engineering used by itself if a telecom provider Verizon for doing so. That leaves the boy in front of Wired know.

As proof of the hack published the teen several sensitive documents on Twitter, including screening form that Brennan had to fill out to get his top secret powers. According to the teenager he worked with two others. The attack began with a "reverse lookup" for the phone number of Brennan. This showed that the CIA director was a customer of Verizon.Thereafter, it was one of the boys posing as an employee of Verizon and called the company for details on the account of Brennan.

"We told them we were working for Verizon customers and we had to call back." The excuse given was that the database was not accessible when the "employee" decided to call the company. After a fabricated employee code gave the teenagers got the information. It was Brennan's account number, four digit PIN, the mobile number that was set as a backup, the AOL e-mail address and the last four digits of his credit card.

With this information, called the AOL and teenagers reported that they had no access to their account. AOL asked for the name and number of the account data that had been the boys from Verizon. On October 12 she knew then gain access to the private account of Brennan. After several days the AOL account was eventually removed by Brennan.

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