Monday, 26 October 2015

Mozilla Firefox Extension Removes Spying After Miss

Mozilla has removed an extension for Firefox because those users spying and this is not detected during the inspection. It is about the add-on Download Manager S3. With nearly 120,000 users a reasonably popular add-on. Through the add-on downloads can be managed through a small status bar.

The developer of the Download Manager prompts users through a pop-up to support. In this case, additional ads will be displayed, according to the explanation of the add-on. A reader of Reddit discovered, however, that if the user agrees to this, the add-on sends back all kinds of information, such as the HTML of the page visited, customer ID and other data.The reader notes that data collection is not enabled by default, but the developer is trying to turn it in a misleading manner. An employee of Mozilla confirmed on Reddit the behavior of the add-on. He argues that Mozilla has made ​​a mistake.

All extensions for Firefox on appear to be fact checked. A reviewer who checks the add-ons saw a "policy violation" in the latest update of the add-on was added overlooked. Then Mozilla decided all the add-ons on check for this offense, which have resulted in another similar case. Both add-ons are now disabled, according to the Mozilla employee. The Download Manager S3 is indeed no longer on to find, but Mozilla has not yet extend to the blocklist put. In this case, Firefox will unsafe or unstable add-ons that users turn off automatically.

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