Thursday, 22 October 2015

Phone Scammers Pretend To Be Apple Employees

For years, telephone imposters posing as Microsoft employees, but now there are also scammers who claim to work for Apple. It is in this case not to "cold calling", where people's homes are called by the scammers. It is precisely Apple users who call the scammers.

To achieve this, use the scammers malicious ads and pop-ups that let the user believe that his or her device with a "malicious adward attack" is infected, says anti-malware company Malwarebytes. Is then urged to call a phone number.When a user calls the scammer is trying to let him or her install software that allows the computer to be remotely controlled.

Apple offers a so-called "screen-sharing service" that can help a help desk remotely. This requires users to the website go. An official part of the Apple website. Scammers now use this feature to deceive people. Once Apple users call because of a misleading pop-up or alert them to the website forwarded.

Through this website you can download software that allows the scammers can take control over the computer. Then they show all sorts of so-called problems. The remedy must be paid for it. Something that happens through an unencrypted connection. According to analyst Jerome Segura run Apple users at greater risk of becoming a victim, because they have less experience with this type of warning pop-ups and 'errors'.

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