Friday, 16 October 2015

HP And 3M Team Come Up With Solution To 'Visually Hacking'

Computer giant HP is adding privacy screens from 3M's own laptops, so as to avoid "visual hacking."As more and more PCs are used in public places, is visually hacking, collecting confidential information by looking at the screen of another, a high security risk," said HP CEO Alex Cho.

According to Herve Gindre 3M is visually hacking a growing problem. In addition to being a study sponsored by 3M (pdf) noted that early this year and was published which showed that almost 90% of attempts to steal sensitive corporate data by only 'visual aids' is successful. To prevent this, 3M created a privacy screen that the limited viewing angles, so that others can not observe.

The company has also developed filtering software that acts as a rear and uses face detection and webcam. Once someone is watching over the shoulder, the software saves alarm. The software can also obscure the image when the user sits at his computer. Shoulder Surfing, as the watch is also called, is already a very old phenomenon. In 2007, in this way the credit card information stolen from more than 11,000 Americans. In 2013, the security chief of Microsoft even called shoulder surfing a greater risk than counterfeit fingerprints.

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