Monday, 5 October 2015

Amount Of Mac Malware Is Still Very Limited

All years warn anti-virus companies for Mac malware, but the number of copies that attacks Apple users is still very limited. According to a survey from security company Webroot. Every year appear as two new threats for the Mac.

Often these Trojans posing as an application but in fact malware. The most successful Mac malware was hitherto Flashback, which first appeared in 2011 and in 2012, infecting some 700,000 Macs knew. In recent years, such large infections failed to materialize and in 2015, according to Webroot's still not a big threat appeared for the Mac. According to some experts, adware also the biggest threat for Mac users.

Despite the small number of copies Webroot provides in its own overview Mac malware according to the security firm is indeed a serious threat that will only get bigger. "Even after mentioning all these malware will be people who refuse to believe that their Mac is vulnerable to attack, but trust me. It will now only get worse. Apple increases its market share and thus come opportunities for malware authors to make money, "said analyst Devin Byrd.

According to some experts, is the threat especially in user behavior. Macs could become infected mainly because software users outside the site of the supplier or downloading illegal software use. Recently left the Austrian test lab for anti-virus programs AV-Comparatives know which experienced Mac users also can do without virus.

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