Sunday, 4 October 2015

Android Version Firefox Receives Click-To-Play For Images

To save bandwidth and ensuring that websites load faster Mozilla has released an early test version of Firefox 44 for Android added click-to-play for images. Click-to-play is a mechanism that the browser is now used to activate browser plug-ins.

A user in this case will have to make an extra click before a Web browser plug-in can call. This should prevent users automatically via vulnerable browser plug-ins can be attacked because the user still needs to activate the plug-in. Click-to-play for images but works slightly different and mainly saving data traffic and faster loading websites as the reason. In case an image for a larger view links provides a single tap on the screen that the bigger picture is loaded.

A long tap on the image displays the context menu in which the user can then choose to display the image. The option currently applies to separate images. A user will be on a site with multiple images therefore have to tap several times before the images are displayed on the page, says Soren Hentzschel who discovered the feature. Click-to-play for images present in the Nightly version of Firefox 44 and must itself be activated by users.

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