Thursday, 1 October 2015

Anti-virus Company AVG Switches To Windows 10-Like Model

The Czech anti-virus company AVG has announced a new series of products that will be updated automatically when new versions are available, as is done with Windows 10. Also, there is now full support for Windows 10 added.

The new update model has to provide updates on a continuous basis and ensure that users always have the latest version. According to AVG this is the first step of the company towards "Security as a Service". It succeeds Microsoft that Windows 10 direction "Windows as a Service goes." The anti-virus software AVG offers both free and paid versions and is available for different platforms.

Recently, the company was still under fire for its new privacy policy, which states that the virus fighter must collect all sorts of data from users. AVG responded by stating that it will not sell users' personal data.

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