Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Apple: YiSpecter-Malware Only Works On Old iOS Versions

The YiSpecter malware that security company Palo Alto Networks warned only works on older iOS versions, and only if users themselves downloading malware from untrusted sources, says Apple. The malware is mainly active in China and Taiwan, but the number of infections is unknown.

To spread the malware uses different methods, but a user action is still required to download and install the malware. In a statement to The Loop, Apple says that the problem affects only users of older iOS versions of the malware itself from unreliable sources have downloaded. The specific problem could be resolved in iOS 8.4. This version was published on June 30 of this year.

In addition, Apple has the apps that were used to block the spread of malware. Apple recommends that iPhone owners to install the latest version of iOS apps only from trusted sources such as downloading the App Store. Also, users should be careful when they get warnings when downloading apps.

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