Thursday, 8 October 2015

Brit Spied For Years People Via Hacked Webcams

In Britain, a man condemned for years other people using hacked webcams spying. The 33-year-old Briton was arrested late last year as part of an international operation against users Black Shades malware, reports the National Crime Agency.

The malware was for an amount of between 40 and 100 dollars offered on the Internet and could easily be adapted for a variety of purposes, such as conducting DDoS attacks, steal passwords or install additional malware. Globally, more than 500 000 computers in more than 100 countries with malware have become infected. The British used the data of his ex-girlfriend to purchase the malware. On the computer of the man photos were found in men who had sex with each other in front of their computer.

The Briton admitted he beside the watch with the webcam via Black Shades also gained access to the emails and passwords of his victims. The 33-year-old man known to be addicted to spying on his victims. During a period of 3 years, he was here 5 to 12 hours per day working on it. He is sentenced to a suspended sentence of 40 weeks and seven years will be included in the registry for sex offenders. A Dutch man who committed the same type of offense through the Black Shades malware in 2014 was a imprisonment, as well as community service ordered.

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