Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Expert: Precautions LastPass Users After Purchase LogMeIn

Last Friday it was announced that the popular online password manager LastPass for an amount of $ 125 million was taken, but the new owner LogMeIn has caused some users worry. Reported that the Australian security expert Troy Hunt.

LogMeIn is a company that offers software that allows remote access to computers can be obtained. The company's image is not flawless. So let LogMeIn in 2011 that LogMeIn would always be free. Last year, however, the company announced the end of LogMeIn Free on. Another point is that the LogMeIn software is often used by telephone scammers posing as Microsoft employees. In early 2012 Hunt attention to the issue. "Unfortunately, three years later LogMeIn continues to be the preferred software of these crooks," he tells.

According to Hunt many people are also concerned about the direction that LastPass for the acquisition will go up. "Even though they say that the password manager remains independent and is not influenced, they now fall within a broader business vision and LogMeIn will influence the direction of LastPass," said security expert. He therefore anxious for LastPass users a roadmap put online that explains how simple of LastPass can be switched to 1Password, another popular password manager.

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