Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Google Invests In Encrypted Messaging Platform Symphony

Google has invested in Symphony, a cloud-based encrypted message platform last year by Goldman Sachs and 14 other banks was established. Symphony to change the way users communicate effectively and safely within a single application.

In August Symphony was in the news as a US senator was concerned about the message platform. Through the tool enables banks to communicate encrypted and extracting himself as to compliance and enforcement, said Sen. ElizabethWarren. According to Warren Symphony has defined itself as a system that "government spying" occurs and contains no backdoors. This ultimately can ensure that important information is more difficult for regulators to approach, making illegal behavior can not be detected and prevented, warned the senator.

During a new round of investment, the company that would have more than 40,000 users in 100 countries, more than 100 million dollars raised. The money is different from Google, so Symphony, via a blog post announced. With the money the company wants to increase its market share so it can eventually become the standard for business communications.

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