Thursday, 1 October 2015

Leak In Nvidia Driver Could Give Local Attacker Root Privileges

Chip manufacturer Nvidia has released a new driver because of a vulnerability allowing a local attacker could gain root privileges or could cause a Denial of Service. The problem is present in all supported Nvidia drivers and all GPUs, for both Windows and Linux.

Researchers at the HP Software Security Response Team. The problem is not with Nvidia Tegra products based on Android. In order to take advantage of the vulnerability, an attacker must first have access to the system. Such a problem was discovered last week in TrueCrypt. The drivers from Nvidia, however, are installed on more systems, which increases the impact of the problem.

Depending on the driver version installed on the system to get Windows users advised to version 353.82 or newer, or version 341.81 or newer upgrade. Linux users need to version 304 128 or newer, version 340.93 or newer, or version 352.41 or newer upgrade. The drivers are on the website of Nvidia download.

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