Thursday, 1 October 2015

Suspicious Windows Update Shows Test Microsoft

A Windows update that was rolled out unannounced yesterday among users caused some panic, but in retrospect it proved to be a wrong test performed by Microsoft. The update, which was labeled as important, was offered as an additional language update.

The name and description of the update consisted of a random string of characters and contained several broken links. On the forum of Microsoft thought users therefore attackers had managed to compromise Windows Update and so spread malicious updates. Twelve hours after the update was released, Microsoft had opposite Ars Technica that unintentionally a test update was issued and the update has now been removed.

A user who installed the update states that after this laptop are not working properly and the regular Windows Explorer crashed. System would no longer work and the update could not be removed. The fear among users was not unjustified. In the past, attackers have managed the Flame malware spreading via Windows Update on a local network.

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