Wednesday, 14 October 2015

US Warns Of Malware That Steals Money From Bills

Internet users should beware of a malware family that can steal money from bank accounts and computers can use for DDoS attacks, so let's Computer Emergency Readiness Team of the US Government (US-CERT), the Ministry of Justice and the FBI in a warning know.

Although Dridex-malware for more than one year exists, the government decided today to internet users for this threat warning. To infect computers with Dridex are mainly used e-mail attachments with Word documents. The e-mails look legitimate, and try to let the user open the attachment. In reality, the Word document containing a malicious macro. Once the macro is activated Dridex which will install on the system.

Macros are disabled by default in Word and users must also enable it manually. In spite of this extra step Dridex is successful. In case of a successful infection, the authorities recommend using a virus, change passwords and apply special remove programs. It is also advised to keep windows and installed applications up-to-date.

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