Saturday, 10 October 2015

87% Android Devices Unsafe By Lax Manufacturers

Almost all Android devices that have been in circulation for the past four years to deal with vulnerabilities that they were vulnerable to malicious apps. And the fault lies with the manufacturers of the device does not generate timely security updates, say researchers (pdf).

Researchers at Cambridge University found that on average 87% of Android devices were unsafe in the past four years, because there is no security updates were available. However, some manufacturers are doing better than others. It appears that the Nexus devices from Google itself the best score, followed by LG and Motorola. Nevertheless score these devices insufficient.

The researchers created a formula where we looked at the number of devices with no known critical vulnerabilities, the number of aircraft used the latest version and the number of vulnerabilities that the manufacturer had resolved in no single device. In total there were to get 10 points. Google ends at the top with a 5.2. Samsung (2.7), Sony (2.5), HTC (2.5) and Asus (2.4) set of well-known brands, the lowest score down, according to the survey by

According to the researchers, the lack of updates to Android devices is a well known problem. Recently, both Google and Samsung announced to release monthly security updates. By the performance of each manufacturer to publish the researchers want to make the issue visible and thus help consumers if they want to choose a device. This then encourages the manufacturers again to provide timely updates.

Furthermore, the researchers argue that Google has done well by addressing many of the risks. Users also are advised to only download apps from Google Play, as the apps are controlled there. "However, Google can not do everything, and recent Android security problems have made ​​it clear that this is not sufficient to protect users. Devices require updates from manufacturers, and most devices that do not get," says researcher Alastair Beresford.

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