Saturday, 10 October 2015

LastPass Password Manager For Acquired 125 Million

Online password manager LastPass is today a cost of $ 125 million acquired by LogMeIn, a provider of software to log on to remote computers. LastPass is a cloud service where users their passwords for various websites in a "safe" to store.

The vault is then accessible from different devices, which should simplify logging in from a PC, smartphone or tablet. LastPass offers both free and paid versions of the software. In August there was a still a new use model introduced. Users can therefore choose which platform they want to use the software for free. Previously, users could install the password manager free only on their computers and then make it synchronize smartphone or tablet to be paid.

Both the free and paid versions LastPass will continue to support and further develop, so the company says. The software of Load Pass will now be added to the solutions of LogMeIn. Furthermore, users can expect in the coming months several new features. In June, LastPass was still a security incident to make. Attackers had managed to break into the network of online password manager and managed in order to steal users' data. It involved email addresses, reminders for passwords, user salts per server and authentication hashes. The contents of password vault would have been in no danger.

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