Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Canadian Arrmy Seeks Hacker Who Can Hack Truck

The Canadian Army is looking for a hacker to hack into a military truck, according to a tender that has appeared on the internet. For some truck involved is not disclosed as this information is confidential and only after award of the contract is told.

The research must be undertaken in a research center of the army and there may only be used software of the army. This software, the hacker must also develop further. For the main part is a reward of 139,000 euros offered. Possible that there are additional tasks, such as finding and developing defensive measures to prevent an attack on a vehicle.

For this part would be paid extra in total 420 000 euro. Recently, researchers demonstrated how to hack a Jeep remotely.One of these researchers Chris Valasek, leaves in front of CBC News that the price is reasonable, but is on the low side for this type of work.

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