Monday, 12 October 2015

Google OnHub Router Is Actually A Chromebook

In August, Google announced its first own wifi router, the OnHub, which is manufactured in cooperation with TP-Link. Hackers from have disassembled the device and discovered that it is actually a Chromebook, only without screen and keyboard.

Then the flash memory of the router was read. Not only showed that the image of the flash memory in which a Chromebook agreed, this was also true for the architecture of the OnHub. The next step was hacking the router, but this proved more difficult than initially expected. For the hackers to a "hidden" switch on the bottom of the OnHub found which is hidden with a screw.

Through this switch router in the Developer Mode can be started, but this requires a special key. The documentation ChromiumOS, which forms the basis for what ChromeOS is again the Chromebook operating system, found that using Ctrl + D Developer Mode could be started.

Ultimately, the hackers also managed to boot the router from a USB image and they could eventually gain superuser privileges. "The Google OnHub is within a Chromebook without screen and adapted as a router, our root method is a modified version of the boot in Developer Mode," the hackers. The OnHub is currently only in the US and Canada to order and costs 200 dollars.

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