Saturday, 10 October 2015

China Arrests Hackers At The Request Of United States

Chinese authorities have arrested at the request of the US government several hackers allegedly broke into US companies. In addition, business secrets were stolen for the purpose by which Chinese enterprises play, so the reports Washington Post.

The arrests were made ​​two weeks before the visit of Chinese President Xi to be the USA, as is now known. Earlier, Susan Rice, National Security Advisor of the United States, announced that cyber espionage by China really had to stop. During his visit, Xi showed that China is not engaged in cyber espionage, and he wants to join forces with the US. In recent weeks, US intelligence and investigation agencies made ​​a list of hackers who were sought.

The list was then given to the Chinese authorities that led to the arrests of a handful of individuals. US officials are now wondering whether the Chinese authorities will prosecute the hackers. Earlier this week, the Financial Times said that the US authorities had three Chinese companies identified that have benefited in the past from cyber espionage. Something that denied two of the three companies.

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