Saturday, 10 October 2015

Firefox Stops Java Support, But Flash Continues To Support

Like Google and Microsoft will also stop supporting Mozilla based on NPAPI plug-ins, but for Adobe Flash Player is an exception. According to Mozilla are plug-ins that the old Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) use responsible for performance issues, crashes and security incidents.

End 2016 Mozilla also wants to stop the support for most NPAPI plugins in Firefox. A process that was initiated some years ago, by letting users activate these plug-ins manually. In addition, the new 64-bit Firefox for Windows platform will be launched entirely without support plug-ins, because it is no longer needed by the browser developer.

Because Adobe Flash Player on so many websites use Mozilla continues this plug-in, as an exception to the rule, do support. "Mozilla and Adobe will continue to work to make improvements to the Flash experience within Firefox, among others in terms of stability and performance, and security features," said Mozilla's Benjamin Smedberg.


He advises websites that use plugins such as Silverlight and Oracle Java to switch to web technologies. These plug-ins will be late next year would no longer supported. In the event websites can not be without, for example Java advised to develop the required features as a Firefox extension. In order to end of Java within Firefox run smoothly cooperates with Oracle there. So advises Oracle now on websites instead of Java applets, plug-in free solution such as Java Web Start to use.

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