Saturday, 10 October 2015

From Critical Vulnerabilities In Adobe Reader And Acrobat Seal

Adobe will coming Tuesday, October 13th security updates for critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat release, but users will get this time not advised to install the updates within 72 hours. This is clear from the notice which Adobe has released.

Security updates have in fact been given a "priority 2". This means that the corrected vulnerabilities, which have been labeled as critical, not be attacked active and there are no attacks are expected shortly. In this case, Adobe advises users and administrators to quickly install the security updates, with 30 days as exemplified. In the case of updates with "priority one" install the updates is presented within 72 hours.

Through Critical vulnerabilities could allow an attacker at worst malicious code on the system without users having this through. Opening a malicious PDF document is sufficient in this case. Were vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader often used in the past to infect computers with malware, the last time this according to statistics from Trend Micro and Microsoft (pdf) is still hardly the case.

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