Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kickstarter For Wi-Fi Router With VPN And Anti-Virus

On Kickstarter is a crowdfunding campaign started for the Veil Tower, a Wi-Fi router with VPN and anti-virus. The developers hope in this way to win a sum of $ 250,000. The Veil Tower was developed by the American Veil Systems in Detroit.

The device uses open source software, proprietary software and software developed by others. According to the developers, it was impossible and unwise to independently develop all features. For devices that connect to the Veil Tower will automatically use a VPN connection. Furthermore, the device has a network-based anti-virus solution and the router can be managed via an app.

Of the proposed $ 250,000 is still a month to go a little over $ 4,000 raised. The money raised will be used for the production. If everything goes according to plan the Veil Tower will be delivered in the second quarter of 2016. The Wi-Fi router will cost $ 199, as much as the OnHub router Google.

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