Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Payment Processor To Test Facial Recognition Pins

Payment Processor Worldpay has developed a camera that uses face recognition to debit card payments. Once the consumer settles and enters their PIN, the camera in the payment terminal picture. This picture is then compared with the photos stored in the database of Worldpay.

With each transaction where the PIN is entered makes the "PED Cam" (Pin Entry Device Camera - pdf) namely a new picture of the consumer, so as to improve the identification. The created image is then compared with a biometric template which is previously stored. This should provide a second layer of authentication by verifying the identity of the card user.

The now-developed prototype is made up of low-cost, available technology and, according to the developers of the British Worldpay several advantages over other biometric security measures. So users do not have to register separately for the system, because they automatically enter the system when they use their debit card.

At present, the British consumer response are examined that have participated in a test of the system, and how consumers can subscribe to the biometric system. Also, see the researchers or the biometric profile that stores the payment terminal can be used to identify Internet users.

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