Monday, 12 October 2015

Researchers Will Identify Malware Authors

Much research related to cyber crime is aimed at detecting and stopping malware, but researchers at the University of New Brunswick have launched a project to bring the individuals identified who are behind the development of the malware.

Over five years, Natalia Stakhanova, professor at the Information Security Centre of Excellence to the University, and her team search for clues about the origin of malware and the various tools that are used for development. The researchers will then also especially "binary way" point to profile the malware creators.

The team will also investigate whether the detected malware was used to attack or more generic to a specific individual."We hope to be able to identify a point where it comes from. So we know who wrote it, why and how it is made, and where that person lives," said Stakhanova across from the Toronto Star. "It will probably be a while before we are ready."

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