Monday, 17 August 2015

Adobe Settles Because Of Large Data Theft

Adobe has reached a settlement with customers and users for an undisclosed sum in the United States because of a major security incident in 2013, with the data of millions of users were stolen. It involved email addresses, encrypted passwords, password hints in plain text and encrypted payment card numbers and expiration dates. The source code of the software was captured.

The data were on a backup system would be taken out of service. Initially, Adobe said that the login and credit card information of 3 million customers were stolen, but later found it to the data of 38 million people to go. In the US, it launched a "class action" lawsuit against Adobe. According to the complainants Adobe had not properly secured their data. Late last year, Adobe said the court has to dismiss the case.

According to Adobe, users could not prove that they had been damaged by the incident. However, the judge did not get into it and suggested that users do not have to wait until they are victims of identity theft or credit card fraud were before they had a case. Last Thursday, Adobe decided to arrange for an undisclosed sum. In addition, the software will also be $ 1.1 million in attorneys' fees and expenses paid by the complainants, as reports the Courthouse News Service.

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