Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Australians Pull Wallet Because Ransomware

Thousands of Australians have in recent months been victims of ransomware and also decided to pay the ransom, making the damage this year in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Australian Codings and Consumer Commission received 2500 complaints this year.

It is in this case for users and organizations whose computers became infected with ransomware. The ransomware encrypts files and then demands a price to decrypt them. The Commission estimates that this year 400,000 Australian dollars have been paid on account of ransomware, which is converted 365,000 euro. "But this is the tip of the iceberg," said Vice-President Delia Rickard opposite ABC .

Acquired throughout 2014 received the Commission's 2500 ransomware- em malware-related complaints, the damage amounted to more than $ 970,000. Converted this is 890,000 euros. According to the Commission ransomware have catastrophic consequences for businesses. By encrypting the files, companies can actually lose all their business and financial documents.

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