Thursday, 6 August 2015

Gang Stealing An Estimated $ 100 Million Of Accounts

A large group of more than 50 cyber criminals stole recent years to an estimated $ 100 million of bank accounts and between 20 and 30 terabytes of data captured. The FBI and security Crowd Strike and Fox-IT today announced at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas announced.

The gang used the Game Over Zeus malware, a Trojan horse that was on the infamous Zeus Trojan based and was mainly used to steal data from online banking and other services. Game Over Zeus botnet was last June by the FBI, Europol, several companies and police forces from the extracted air . Early this year, the FBI put $ 3 million on the head of a Russian man suspected of developing Game Over Zeus.

Today published data show that the botnet from an average of about 200,000 systems existed. Besides also steal money from bank accounts, the gang held behind Game Over Zeus engaged in espionage in Eastern European countries. In total, there would be via the malware 20 to 30 terabytes of data have been stolen. It also appears from the investigation of the criminals that they are well organized. The gang calls itself the "business club" and consists of more than 50 people. The Russian man who is wanted by the FBI was always seen as a mastermind Game Over Zeus, but he would not be the sole leader of the group of criminals. According to the researchers, there is someone else with whom he leads the gang together.

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