Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ransomware Focuses On Russia And Ukraine

Makers of ransomware is not only aimed at English speakers, also should beware of Internet users in Russia and the Ukraine. Microsoft saw earlier this year named a ransomware variant appear Troldesh mainly in June was very active. The malware spreads through exploit kits, which infect Internet via, for example vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player.

Once active Troldesh encrypts files on the computer and then asks for a fee to decrypt them. Unlike other ransomware which victims must make the payment in bitcoin, the maker of Troldesh communicate via email with his victims. On the infected computer is left a text file with instructions. These instructions enable the victim via e-mail contact with the author should include.

In June, a researcher contacted the maker, then successfully on the ransom amount to barter . Eighty percent of infections Troldesh took place in Russia, followed by Ukraine with 9%. Microsoft advises victims to not pay the requested ransom for decryption, as there is no guarantee that the victims referred to regain access to their files.

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