Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hackers: Website Ashley Madison Was Poorly Protected

The security of Ashley Madison, the hacked website for adulterers, was far below par, say the hackers who carried out the hack. Last month the site was hacked, with data of some 32 million people, as well as all kinds of business data were captured.

The data this week were put partly online. There is now 30GB published on stolen data. In an interview with Vice Magazine let the hackers know they still have 300GB of emails from employees and documents from the internal network. Nor would they have held tens of thousands of photos of subscribers of the website and some chats and messages. One third of the images were photographs of male genitalia that they will not publish, which is also true for most emails from employees of the company.

The Impact Team, as hackers call themselves, denounce especially the absent protection from Ashley Madison. "We did our best to make the attack undetectable, but when we arrived it turned out that there was no security to get around." The security of a site by the hackers as "poor" circumscribed. "There was no monitoring. No security. The only thing was a segmented network." Furthermore, it was also easy to gain root access on the servers of Ashley Madison, as they note.Regarding the future, the hackers do not exclude that they also other sites, businesses and possibly corrupt politicians will hacking.

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