Monday, 24 August 2015

Torrent Tracker Windows Blocks 10 Users

A torrent site where users can download content illegally decided to block Windows 10 users, since the operating system "is nothing more than an espionage tool", so let the administrators know. Visitors to the torrent tracker ITS automatically to a video on YouTube redirected, which claims that all Windows 10 computer monitors.

TorrentFreak reports that also consider two other torrent trackers to not allow users with Windows 10. "Microsoft recently released Windows 10. We want our members to know that we consider to block the operating system on FSC. This means that you no longer running Windows 10 can use the site," according to the administrators of torrent tracker FSC.

Recently, there was a fuss about a Microsoft agreement entered into force on August 1, which states that Microsoft may block pirated games. Some websites think that the agreement applies to Windows 10, but the operating system is not mentioned in the agreement. However, for example, are mentioned Xbox and Windows games from Microsoft, as well as online gaming service Xbox Live.

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