Saturday, 29 August 2015

Six British Teenagers Arrested For Using DDoS Tool

In the UK, six teenagers arrested on suspicion of using a DDoS tool that the websites of a school newspaper, several gaming companies and shops were shut down. These are boys aged 15 to 18 years, let the British police know.

The teenagers would have used the "Lizard Stresser", an online tool to DDoS attacks could be carried out against payment on websites. The tool would be possible at thousands of hacked routers running. Earlier this year, already two teenagers of 17-year arrested for use of the Lizard Stresser. In addition, the British police went down about 50 addresses of people who had registered on the Lizard Stresser website, but are not suspected of carrying out attacks. One third of these people are younger than 20 years.

"One of our main priorities is the call to engage with those who are on the verge of cyber crime, to show they understand the consequences of cyber crime and how they can use their skills for productive and lucrative careers," says Tony Adams, head of research of the National Cyber ​​Crime Unit, which is part of the National Crime Angency (NCA). Via Twitter warns users of NCA Lizard Stresser that the police will soon may come along with them.

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