Saturday, 8 August 2015

Chrome Will Block Deceptive Inline Installations

To protect Chrome users from unwanted extensions, Google has announced a new measure. From September, the browser inline installations of extensions that originate block of misleading websites and advertisements.

Inline systems were introduced in 2011 as a way to easily install extensions from the website of a developer. The mechanism is now used by Web sites to trick users into installing unwanted extensions. So users can get a pop-up stating that they need to update their Flash Player to view the video. However, the pop-up does not point to Flash Player, but an inline installation of another extension.

According to Google unwanted extensions are a major annoyance for users and a major source of complaints. In recent years, the company decided to take several measures. Blocking of inline installations, there is one of them. The blockade starts on September 3rd. In this case, Chrome will block the installation and users can now send it to the Chrome Web Store, so they can decide as to whether or not to install the extension. The new measure would affect less than 0.2% of all extensions, but it is an important measure to keep the extension ecosystem healthy, says Andrew Kim from Google.

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