Friday, 7 August 2015

Free App Checks Android Devices On Stage Fright Leak

Owners of an Android device that want to know whether they are vulnerable to severe Stage Fright leak can now download a free app that controls the device. Additionally, Samsung has an app ( .apk ) that empower users MMS messages can disable it on their device.

The Stage Fright-vulnerability was discovered by security Zimperium and Trend Micro. By only sending a MMS message an attacker could execute code on vulnerable machines. But the leak is attacking via apps websites. In reality, not about one vulnerability, but consists Stage Fright of ten different vulnerabilities, as has Zimperium let you know.

Google and several manufacturers have already announced that they will be releasing updates for Stage Fright serious flaw, which are expected to be rolled out by the end of this month. Through the free " Stage Fright detector App "by Zimperium now users can check whether they are still vulnerable. In addition, the security company also took the following video online in which the vulnerability is demonstrated.

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