Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Researchers Steal Remotely Fingerprint Android User

Researchers will today at the Blackhat conference in Las Vegas to show how they can steal the fingerprints of Android users on a large scale and at a distance. The attack is of course only possible on devices that include a fingerprint scanner.

The number of devices that this option offers is expected to grow strongly in the coming years, which in 2019 half of all smartphones has a fingerprint scanner. Researchers from security firm FireEye developed four ways to steal the fingerprint of a user. One attack is striking in particular, since that makes it possible to collect at a distance and on a large scale fingerprints. The attack is mounted on a HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy S5. The problems which make possible the attack are present in the various Android "fingerprint frameworks".

"In this attack the fingerprint data of the victim fall directly into the hands of an attacker. For the rest of the life of the victim, the attacker can use this information to do wrong things," said researcher Zhang Yulong opposite ZDNet . How the attacks are precise in their work will be announced later today. The article will be updated. After being informed of a number of vendors now released patches.

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