Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Privacy Tool Prevents Tracking By Windows 10

A programmer has created an open source privacy tool tracking through Windows 10 turns off, so he has via Reddit announced. The "Disable Windows Tracking Tool" developed by Syed Qazi, alias "10se1ucgo". Since the launch of Windows 10, there is a lot of criticism has been the standard operating system settings because they send back all sorts of information to Microsoft.

The tool of Qazi is primarily intended for non-technical Windows 10 users and let people through a few clicks all kinds of tracking options off. For example, the gathering of telemetry turned off, as well as the log file which collects all kinds of information. Furthermore, removing the tool tracking services and modifies the HOSTS file so there is no longer known tracking domains can communicate. According to the programmer is Windows 10 surrounded by fear, which is not always justified. But much is justified, let it faces ZDNnet know.



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