Tuesday, 11 August 2015

TrueCrypt Alternative Vera Crypt Now Detects Evil Maid Attack

Last week, two new versions of TrueCrypt alternative Vera Crypt appeared. Vera Crypt was late last year by a French programmer launched . It involves a fork, an offshoot that is based on the original TrueCrypt source code. Developer Mounir Idrassi however has made ​​several improvements.

The latest update for the software dated from the beginning of April, but now there appeared two updates in a short time. The first update to version 1:12 fixes a problem when updating Vera Crypt on Windows 10, adds several options, includes several bug fixes and now makes it possible to detect Evil Maid attacks. An attacker who has physical access to a machine can provide encrypted bootloader encryption software from a keylogger.

Once the user then again seated and encryption password is entered behind the machine, which is stored by the keylogger. If the attacker for the second time has physical access to the machine, the stored password can be read and the attacker can log into the system. Because of the requirement to twice gain physical access to the system was the attack " Evil Maid named "because it would fit into a scenario where a malicious cleaner in a hotel execute the attack.

TrueCrypt did not have measures to protect users from this attack. Vera Crypt is however now able to "boot loader tampering" to detect and can then offer options to rectify this. Four days after the release of version 1:12 released version 1.13 . A bug in version 1:12 led to it that Tor is no longer working as it was started from an encrypted Vera Crypt volume. This is the only bugfix containing this version.

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