Thursday, 6 August 2015

Reservation OnePlus Weather "Hacked"

The system where people can reserve the new phone phone manufacturer OnePlus again "hacked" and once again it was Jake Cooper, disgruntled user who is also the first hack made ​​public. Shortly launch OnePlus the OnePlus 2. In order to qualify for the appliance must have potential buyers about an invitation, after which they are placed on a waiting list.

OnePlus offers people on the waiting list the opportunity to improve their position depending on how many people they invite to the waiting list. This allows Cooper dropped a spot around 9000 to a position around 70,000. He compiled a script that used disposable email addresses to invite people called for the waiting list, which improved his own position. Eventually he points this place in 1694 to reach the waiting list.

After this problem was solved Cooper discovered a new way to manipulate the waiting list. Instead of disposable email addresses, he now used the possibility of Gmail to create aliases for its own char e-mail address. Eventually he could in this way with a brand new Gmail address will be place on the waiting list in 2299. Meanwhile, also this method to manipulate the list addressed by OnePlus.

"We knew this was possible, and have monitored the list on this type of behavior. It is not common, but it is noticeable. We have already taken a number of measures to reduce it, but before invitations are sent, we will List first check for fraudulent registrations, and we continue to introduce new measures to combat it, "said OnePlus at the forum , which Cooper thanked by surname. Because of his efforts, he now gets an extra early invitation.

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