Thursday, 6 August 2015

Manufacturer: Vulnerable Infotainment System Only At Chrysler

Recently, two researchers demonstrated how vulnerable infotainment system via a car manufacturer Chrysler could attack, but fragile models are used only by Chrysler as the manufacturer of the infotainment system. Researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek demonstrated how to turn on and off remotely the brakes on a car. It was also possible to turn off the motor.

The problem was in Uconnect, a component that gives the car's online capabilities and with which the navigation and entertainment system are to operate. The functionality even offers a wifi hotspot and makes phone calls possible. Uconnect allows anyone with a vehicle connection as long as the IP address of the car is known. Due to the problem Chrysler decided to 1.4 million cars to recall. However, it was a voluntary recall, in which drivers were advised to (have) the software of their auto update.

An infotainment system made ​​by audio manufacturer Harman Kardon is part of Uconnect. According to CEO Dinesh Paliwal, Harman Kardon, the researchers used a GSM connection to connect to the radio system, where then the brakes and other key functions were controlled. "Our system was safe," so let Paliwal opposite Reuters know.

The problem would be caused by an open port in a network. "If you open the door of the house open late, will someone come in and they can do anything," said Paliwal. He also announced that the problem only plays with the infotainment systems developed for Chrysler. The hacked infotainment system would also be made ​​five years ago. Current models have much more security, so the CEO noted. Meanwhile, the US government agency that started to millions Harman systems research is responsible for road safety, reports the Associated Press .

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