Thursday, 6 August 2015

Google: Update Stage Fright Leak Available On Time

Owners of an Android device will receive a security update for a very serious leak in time, so has Google at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas announced. It is the Stage Fright vulnerability can perform, allowing a remote attacker code on smartphones.

All that this requires is sending an MMS message, although the vulnerability via websites and apps is to attack. The problem was discovered by security Zimperium and Trend Micro. Both parties warned Google that then came up with an update.Rolling out the patch among telecom operators and manufacturers was difficult. Because of all the attention, and for the extent of the problem were various manufacturers in motion and made ​​known to come up with patches. As announced Samsung itself entirely new policy for the rollout of Android security updates. Each month users will soon receive updates.

In the case of Google, the Internet giant will today send updates to owners of a Nexus Nexus 5 and 6, according to Android Police, and Business Insider . According to Adrian Ludwig from the Android Security Team most Android users will receive the update later this month. Yet he is optimisch that users will be protected by existing security measures such as ASLR.This technology makes it harder to vulnerabilities like Stage Fright use and is present on 90% of Android devices. In addition, Ludwig expects the patches are rolled out on time, even before attackers through Stage Fright users can attack, reports The Verge .

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