Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Email Addresses Ashley Madison Added To Search Engines

On the Internet, various search engines where the email addresses of subscribers be added. In July, attackers were able to steal a database of user information from the site for cheaters.This database is two days ago put online.

This concerns data like email addresses, names and addresses, as well as GPS coordinates. Security expert Troy Hunt has the email addresses from the database to its search engine " added. The search engine, which since December 2013th is online, contains 220 million accounts that are captured at different hacks and made ​​public. Most accounts, 152 million, came from a break-in at Adobe.

In second place is Ashley Madison, with 30 million accounts. Other parties keep that data from 36 million accounts were stolen, but that was verified by some 24 million accounts, e-mail address. Internet users can be alerted via the search engine as their e-mail address found in a stolen database. Meanwhile were 5,000 subscribers Ashley Madison are alerted by the search engine, so let Hunt via Twitter know.

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