Saturday, 8 August 2015

Israeli Company Working To Not Hack Windows Version

If an Israeli start-up is all the security problems of Windows will soon belong to the past. Morphisec , as the company is called, is working on a Windows version who says he is not hacking. In the first instance, it was the intention to develop a on hacking bar operating system for military applications, such as rockets, and aircraft.

The founders realised then that their work also had commercial applications in preventing zero-day attacks. It is in this case to vulnerabilities for which no security update is available. To protect users from attack memory-specific Windows applications is randomised, so the late founder opposite Business Insider know. Because the memory addresses constantly change, an attacker here not develop and exploit for the leak can not be attacked. Further technical details are, however, not given, and whether and when the operating system is displayed. However, there would now be a beta test.

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