Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Amazon.com Is Going To Stop Flash Ads

Due to recent changes in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Amazon decided to order from September 1 no more Flash ads on Amazon.com to accept. According to the Internet shop is the reason that browsers have changed when Flash content is displayed on websites the way.

Not only browser developers have restricted the operation of Flash content. Security experts regularly advise to remove Flash Player in the browser. The new policy is to ensure that ads on the website to keep working. Flash is already longer under fire, both because of the security issues with Adobe Flash Player, as well as technology for displaying video content.

Recently let Facebook CSO Alex Stamos yet know that with the support of Adobe Flash to stop, then follow the browser developers. In this way, web developers are forced to upgrade their tools and programs to HTML5, since they postpone now that due to the permanent Flash support.

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