Friday, 21 August 2015

Phishing Springboard Hidden In PDF Documents

PDF documents are often used to infect computers with malware, cyber criminals but the format now use to lure victims to phishing sites. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab discovered a PDF document that is distributed via an e-mail scam.

According to the email, the recipient of the message received $ 53,000 in his account. However, the recipient must confirm the transaction, which can be done via the enclosed PDF document. The PDF document contains only an illustration that states that the document is protected and offers the user a button to view the contents. The button, however, points to a phishing site which looks like a PDF document with transaction data.

To view the data, the user must then enter their email address and password. These data are sent to the criminals. According to analyst Dmitry Bestuzhev, this is an interesting technique that some phishing filters can mislead.

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