Monday, 17 August 2015

Mozilla Improves Privacy Protection In Firefox

Mozilla has released new test version of Firefox that should better protect the privacy of users. All browsers now offer an option like "Private Browsing" or "Incognito Mode". These features are primarily aimed to make locally on the computer no trace.

For example, things like websites visited and cookies afterwards removed. According to Mozilla that users of Private Browsing, however, that they want more control over their privacy then provides the function at this time. Therefore, the Private Browsing function is modified so that certain parts of websites are blocked. It is in this case parts that follow users across multiple websites.

Some parties set Mozilla has incorporated a AdBlocker in Firefox this way. Martin Brinkmann of gHacks however, that the function does not block ads, but just famous tracking servers. Mozilla warns that some sites may not work anymore as the tracking components are blocked. However, users can at any time activate the block tracking components. For now, the feature is only available in the Developer Edition of Firefox 42 , which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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