Saturday, 15 August 2015

Researchers Develop Scanner For Cloud Services

Researchers at two British universities have developed a scanner to prevent criminals steal confidential files in the cloud and upload illegal files to cloud services. The system is called Xdet , which stands for Extrusion detection.

Xdet makes a signature of private files and store them. The signature is then compared with the signatures of files exchanged with the cloud service. "This way, unauthorized uploads or downloads of potentially confidential data can be detected and prevented," the researchers compared ScienceDaily . Who argue that even upload illegal files to the cloud in this way can be noticed.

The Xdet software is placed between the cloud server and distributed file storage, instead of the perimeter of the cloud network. This has several advantages. So Xdet itself is protected by perimeter security solutions such as firewalls and IDS.In addition, it is scalable, and better in this way can the cloud provider to use network-based encryption to protect data during transport.

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