Saturday, 15 August 2015

Kaspersky Accused Of Sabotage Anti-virus Companies

The Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab would have the virus for years of competing anti-virus companies sabotaged to show to clean files for malware, so important files were deleted or quarantined.

Let two former employees facing Reuters know. Kaspersky Lab, however, denies any wrongdoing. According to former employees, there was a secret campaign against Microsoft, AVG, Avast and other competitors that lasted for ten years. The plan would be carried out with the knowledge of Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky. According to former employees, who wish to remain anonymous, Kaspersky found that the competition software imitated.

Microsoft, AVG and Avast showed earlier told Reuters that unknown parties in recent years had tried to cause false positives, such as the improper detection of clean files as malware is called. According to the former employees of Kaspersky were provided important files from malicious code, to upload them then to VirusTotal. This website Google scans files with dozens virus. Uploaded files are then shared with connected anti-virus companies.

If the malicious file seemed adequate to the original, the virus would clean file as malware can label. Microsoft says that in 2013 discovered thousands of these files and warned here at that time also ( pdf ). Kaspersky Lab said in a statement that it has never carried out such a secret campaign to mislead competitors with false positives. "Such actions are unethical, unfair, and if it is legal, at least questionable," said the Russian virus fighter.


Eugene Kaspersky cites Reuters story on Twitter complete nonsense. "Usually I do not read to Reuters, but when I do I see false positives. This story was complete nonsense."

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