Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Google Announces Its Own Wi-Fi Router To OnHub

Google has partnered with network manufacturer TP-Link announced a new Wi-Fi router called OnHub. According to the Internet giant, the new Wi-Fi router fast, safe and easy to use. The router automatically chooses the best channel for the fastest connection.

In addition, the device has a "unique antenna design" and "smart software" to ensure network performance. It is also possible to give a higher priority to certain devices. The Wi-Fi router can be operated via the Google On app for both Android and iOS is available. The app can be examined how much bandwidth connected devices consume and there may be a network check be performed. In the case of WiFi problems, the app also give advice.

The password for the Wi-Fi router is a "single tap" to ask, and then mail them to friends or to texts, says Trond Wuellner Google. One feature that is lacking in many WiFi routers, the automatic update feature. Security updates will be installed automatically in the event of OnHub. The Wi-Fi router is still only in the United States and Canada to order and costs 200 dollars.

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