Thursday, 6 August 2015

ICANN Website Reset Passwords After Data Theft

ICANN, the organization that is responsible among other things for the distribution of IP numbers and domains, the passwords of users of reset after an attacker managed to break in and loot made ​​the users' data. It would be email addresses / usernames and "encrypted passwords," said the organization.

To our knowledge there is no evidence that there is on the accounts of users logged in or that other ICANN systems without permission are approached. Although research is ongoing, the organization states that it appears that access to the encrypted passwords using an external service are captured. According to ICANN, the password hashes that steal the attacker could not simply be reduced to a password, but as a precaution was decided that all users must enter a new password. In addition, users are advised to enter the password if they also use it for other websites, also to change it.

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