Friday, 28 August 2015

Large Illegal Marketplace Offline For Tor-Vulnerability

A large illegal market on the Tor network has decided to temporarily offline due to vulnerabilities in the Tor network, so have the managers through Pastebin announced. It is Agora, the largest illegal market on the Tor network.

Through the website is handled in narcotics. The Agora administrators point to recent studies showing that web servers can be identified on the Tor network. These so-called "Tor hidden services" are only accessible via the Tor network and should not be localized. Recently, researchers showed that they were able to identify 88% of the hidden services in a test set-up.

According to the Tor Project, the developers of the Tor software and the Tor network, the impact of the attack revealed that bad. Yet the reason for the administrators of the Agora marketplace to temporarily pull the plug on the website. In a statement they say that it is unsafe to allow visitors to the website, since they are at risk. It is now working on a solution, but it is unknown when they will appear.

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