Monday, 10 August 2015

Privacy Glasses Developed By Face

Japanese scientists have developed glasses that must face by preventing digital cameras and smartphones. The glasses use unique angles and patterns on the lens that can reflect or absorb light.The developers of the Privacy Visor ( pdf ) as the glasses are called to protect people's privacy in a world where smartphones can automatically focus on the face of someone, and the images can then be shared widely through social media .

"We are often told not to share with others our personal information, but our vision is also a form of ID," said Professor Isao Echizen opposite the Wall Street Journal . Tests privacy glasses Face pale by preventing smartphones in 90% of cases.The glasses provide sufficient visibility for lookouts, but problems while riding or driving worries.

According Echizen, the glasses especially designed for crowded areas where people take pictures. The glasses can also prevent recordings from security cameras, but according to the professor, this is not a problem. Police also doted with other means of identifying someone, he notes. Privacy Visor should appear next June and will cost around 220 euros. Two years ago Echizen is still working on another model of privacy glasses.

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